Russian “Blacktivist” Trolls Called for Blacks to Kill Police, an “Eye for an Eye”


The troll farm in St. Petersburg that ran a disinformation campaign during the presidential election is still front page news for MSM. Though they reframe the stories, they are the same stories and they are very, very overblown.

A story appeared on CNN at the end of September was re-issued Tuesday on CNN Money.They even sent out breaking news alerts as if it were a newly uncovered fact. It’s not that they are finding out more, they are just reporting the same stories over and over.

Jonathan Albright, the research director at Columbia University’s Tow Center for Digital Journalism, tracked six pages that dealt with secured borders, Black Lives Matter, LGBTs, rebels and so on.

As an aside, why isn’t anyone tracking communist and Trump hater trolls?

Based on that ‘research’, CNN reported that Facebook accounts run by Russian trolls repeatedly called for violence against different social and political groups in the U.S., including police officers, Black Lives Matter activists and undocumented immigrants. In fact, they admit, it was little more than two dozen that called for violence. That’s a little over 24.

Black people have to do something. An eye for an eye. The law enforcement officers keep harassing and killing us without consequences.

Russia-linked group, “Blacktivist,” described police brutality in a November 2016 post weeks after the election, and stated, “Black people have to do something. An eye for an eye. The law enforcement officers keep harassing and killing us without consequences.”

Analysts say it was to cause division among Americans along political, religious or racial lines. What they don’t report is the Russians were playing off the divisions established by the party of identity politics under Barack Obama.

The overwhelming majority of Secured Borders’ messages received only a few thousand interactions. which points to it being paid advertising. It also points to it being irrelevant.

A Harvard hate speech expert Susan Benesch weighed in saying, “People can be heavily influenced by content online even when they don’t know where it comes from,” Benesch said. “In these cases, we can’t know if anyone was actually influenced toward violence, but this type of speech could increase that risk.”

If the left believes speech causes violence, why is the hate coming from Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Hollywood, the Revolutionary Communist Party, TV hosts like Keith Olbermann, ignored?

Blacktivist received the largest number of Facebook interactions at over 6 million [likes, shares, comments]. We don’t know what people said about it – were they condemning the posts? Six million is what a popular page gets in a day.

Sites supporting a Muslim America received 2 million interactions. Sites against illegal immigration and Texas Rebels received over 5 million interactions combined. Texas Rebels was about the unfairness of homeless veterans and opposition to taking down confederate statues.

People on Facebook often don’t read the articles, they just respond to headlines. The mere six pages only received a little over 30,000 views.

There were 200 million impressions and 1.4 million tweets during the entire election cycle which is less than Prison Planet editor Paul Joseph Watson gets on his own.

When they say the trolls reached over 100 million people, it’s not what it seems. Reach is unimportant unless someone reacts to it.

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