Russians are coming! Russia! Russia! Desperate Dems launch Putin hoax


Fake news outlet The Washington Post has a new Putin/Russia exposé with Rep. Kevin McCarthy and former Speaker Paul Ryan, who now sits on the Fox Corporation Board. They claim the men believe Putin pays Donald Trump and Rep. Rohrabacher.

If McCarthy said anything like that, he was either joking or he’s as bad as many conservatives think he is.

However, WaPo posts false news all the time. Let’s hear the recording if there is one. It’s odd that the reporter didn’t produce it. He claims McCarthy changed his story, but we need proof when dealing with legacy media, who are all left-wing activists and propaganda outfits.

It’s another effort to stir up the fake Russia-Putin hoax. They won’t give it up. It’s so absurd and has been proven wrong.

Reporter Scott Stedman is out with a 2016 comment that may or may not be true. In 2016, Republicans didn’t know what hit them and many were concerned there was truth to the hoax. It has been roundly debunked.

It’s really time to give up the ghost. If anyone was in bed with Russia, it was Hillary and the DNC with their Kremlin dossier.

This guy doesn’t instill confidence — he’s a gossip and this is gossip:


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