Newsom signed a bill making Cali a permanent universal vote-by-mail state


Governor Gavin Newsom (D) on Monday signed a bill making universal vote-by-mail permanent in California. He treats our elections like Rwandans might.

He is enshrining ballot harvesting, unsecured drop boxes, and permanent vote-by-mail with no chain of custody in California’s election process.

There is no question that mail-in voting is easily breached by illegitimate ballots.

The state will mail ballots to all voters and whoever is at the address. These voter lists are inaccurate. Watch:

“Voters like having options for returning their ballot whether by mail, at a secure dropbox, a voting center or at a traditional polling station. And the more people who participate in elections, the stronger our democracy and the more we have assurance that elections reflect the will of the people of California,” California Secretary of State Shirley Weber, a Democrat, said in a statement, KTLA reports.

Jeff Bezos banned mail-in voting at Amazon over “serious and systemic flaws”. France banned mail-in voting and voting machines.

Newsom signed 10 other voting-related bills on Monday, crafting them as part of an effort to expand voting rights and access. Anything that doesn’t make our voting laws loosey-goosey is voter suppression to a Democrat.

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2 years ago

California Democrats have had Ballot Harvesting and Cheat by mail for a long time. They are a lost cause.

Chompers the Clown
Chompers the Clown
2 years ago

Never mind the Grand Old Politburo here’s the replacements!
Who will pay for all the free milk and honey when the productive classes up and leave?
We are almost all full in Red State and the old roads just don’t work anymore with tens of thousands of newcomers.
Who knows why they want to live around MAGA bitter clinger deplorable kulak untermenschen toothless hill scoggins? (sarc)
I hear that EBT cards, the cost of houses and rent all the other free milk and honey go very far here as the cost of living isn’t anywhere near what it is in Cali, that will fundamentally transform in due time.