Russians Undeterred by Biden Wandering Aimlessly at G7


During a presser after a meeting with the National Republican Senatorial Committee on Thursday, Donald Trump slammed the Biden administration’s handling of multiple issues, including the warships off our coast.

“We don’t want to see Russian ships right off the coast of Florida, which is where they are right now. That’s unthinkable,” Trump told reporters in the presser.

“We want to see — just — success for our country, and we don’t have success right now,” he added.

“We want to see borders; we want to see a strong military; we want to see money not wasted all over the world; we don’t want to see Russian ships right off the coast of Florida—which is what they are right now; it’s unthinkable.” He pressed on immigration, the economy, and other issues, adding that Biden is “being laughed at all over the world.”


The Aimless Wandering of Our President

On Friday, while standing outside the Hollywood Fire Rescue Station 5, Governor DeSantis destroyed Joe Biden for the Russian warships and submarine 90 miles off our shores. We also have Russian and Chinese warships operating off the Alaska coast.

“Well, I’m the governor of Florida. I’m not the Commander in Chief.  If my responsibilities were different – that would not be something that we would allow to be happening.”

“I think it’s really concerning. I think that under this administration, they put out a posture of weakness that has invited more aggressive actions from our adversaries.”


“And so I think it is problematic. I think that history has shown that these bad actors respond to strength, and they’re deterred by strength. They are not going to be deterred by weakness. They’re not going to be deterred by confusion; they’re not going to be deterred by a president wandering around aimlessly at the G7.”

“They’re going to be deterred because they know that that’s not somebody that you want to mess with. So we’re failing as a country with the deterrent capability. And I think it starts at the top with the President of the United States.”


Our enemies smell blood in the water:

Emphasis added.

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