Peter Strzok Says 9-11 Is Nothing Compared to Jan. 6


Peter Strzok, the faithless husband and corrupt FBI official, says 9/11 is nothing compared to Jan. 6, the riot/rally of unarmed Trump supporters in the Capitol. I don’t think anyone should excuse rioting, but most people in the Capitol and on the steps just walked around and chanted. There were hundreds of thousands of peaceful Trump supporters at the rally.

The only person killed was a Trump supporter, Ashli Babbitt, who a Capitol Hill officer murdered. Another woman, Rose Boyland, might have died because of the beating an officer gave her. She, too, was a Trump supporter. Two other rallygoers who were not rioting had heart problems and died.

No one else died because of the riot, no matter how much the left lies and twists the facts.

Peter Strzok is beyond contemptible for having attempted to fix the 2020 election. MSNBC, as a network, sinks into the depths of activist journalism with bottom feeders as guests. As for Nicolle Wallace, she is making millions to lie on TV.

The disgraced, fired agent is being resurrected to tear apart Republicans. He’s the agent who framed Michael Flynn and “significantly altered” the 302s. He joined Andrew McCabe in dirty tricks to take down Donald Trump. Such is his hatred of Republicans, who he can smell if he goes into Walmart.

He is the very representation of a corrupt FBI has become.

I lost acquaintances on 9/11, and Strzok is a disgrace for making that comment, as is Wallace.

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Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
1 year ago

ya the same weird guy who screwed up his face then wiggled stupidly like a bimbo.

1 year ago

Why isn’t Peter Strzok in Prison?