Sad Woke News: Judge Merchan’s “Impartial” Juror Can’t Serve


Here is one of Donald Trump’s unbiased jurors. The woman is an attractive, woke person who needs to get out of Manhattan more.

She doesn’t like Donald Trump’s “handling of COVID” and abortion, which she calls “women’s health;” she loves China and didn’t like his comments about them; she “was angry,” is “not a fan,” and doesn’t like his policies about women. This woke woman says, “All of that needs to be addressed.”

She won’t be a juror, but only because she had a scheduling conflict. Judge Merchan approved her.

Eighty-eight percent of Manhattanites voted for Joe Biden. Who would like to see Biden put on trial in the reddest area of Alabama? Raise your hand.


Donald Trump Says Joe Wants Presidential Immunity Protected

Crooked Joe Biden wants PRESIDENTIAL IMMUNITY to be protected perhaps more than any other living (barely!) individual because if it isn’t, and having absolutely nothing to do with me, he will surely be Indicted and Tried for many of his Dishonest, illegal, or Incompetent Actions (Afghanistan disaster, Southern Border catastrophe!). A President should not be placed in that position – MUST BE FREE TO MAKE DECISIONS, HOPEFULLY CORRECT ONES!

That’s likely true, but only for himself and other Democrats.

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