US CBP Captured 54 Child Sex Offenders, Our New Americans


The US Border Patrol captured 54 child sex offenders at just one Texas border sector. They have convictions for sexually abusing children.

In other words, in addition to promoting child sex trafficking with our open border, we are promoting and encouraging sex offenders to enter the United States.

How many have not been caught? They run across, sneak across in every vehicle imaginable, and they come in the idea of night.

Chief patrol agent Robert Danley posted the information:

“Since October 1, 2023, Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents have apprehended 54 convicted sex offenders after illegally crossing the border and attempting to evade law enforcement. Our agents remain steadfast in safeguarding our border and protecting our communities,” Danley wrote.

Decency Inc.

Joe Biden, speaking for all those advisors who tell them what to say and do, said he was bringing decency back to the White House. All he has accomplished is to corrupt the White House from what was a decent White House.

No one is vetted very well, and millions come in without notice or being caught. We don’t even know who is here or why they are here. Of course, with the soft-on-crime policies and sanctuary locales, we have invited criminals into the country.

We are becoming an evil nation. We also know illegal aliens vote.

Biden is legalizing many who come, which means they can sponsor relatives. It’s a free-for-all, so yes, illegals, many of whom are bad people, will decide our future.

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