Safe and Effective? Watch, Learn, Cry, Tell Others


The video below is shared by a famous UK doctor who enthusiastically pushed the vaccines until his father died. Then he researched the vaccines’ adverse reactions. He deeply regrets his stance and is trying to repent.

Dr. Aseem Mahotra is a prominent UK cardiologist who recently exposed the danger of COVID vaccines. It doesn’t matter that it’s the UK. The vaccine is the same, and the messaging is the same as what we got from our public health officials in the US.

Myocarditis chart

He calls for the shots to be stopped immediately until all vaccine data is released and reviewed.

We have all been lied it, censored, and used as guinea pigs by our so-called trusted public health officials.

The toxicity of the mRNA spike proteins was never studied. The elites lied about it.

The people responsible are not paying any price. Maybe new information will prove the vaccines safe but the lies and lack of investigation is unforgivable.

The video includes heartbreaking stories. Watch, learn, cry, speak up:


A large new study published in the journal Circulation. The study analyzed data from 48 million people registered in Great Britain’s National Health System from January 2020 until the day before COVID-19 vaccines were made available in December 2020. The researchers found 1.4 million diagnoses of COVID-19 and, among those, 10,500 patients that developed blood clot-related issues.

The researchers discovered that, in the first week after someone received a COVID-19 diagnosis, the risk of developing an arterial blood clot (which can lead to a heart attack or stroke by blocking blood flow to the heart or brain), was nearly 22 times higher than in someone who didn’t have the virus. The risk dropped by the second week, but was still elevated—it was less than four times higher than in someone who didn’t have the virus.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Malhotra reveal his professional ethical deficiency by recommending something for emergency use which was not properly tested. He also showed his scientific incompetence by being ignorant of the mRNA jab science.

1 year ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

Sounds like he’s trying to get out of this and absolve himself of any culpability