Saigon 2.0, Kabul falls without a fight, Americans are fleeing


Taliban fighters early Sunday entered Kabul, freeing inmates at the city’s main prison and triggering a massive effort to airlift Western diplomats and civilians as the country’s demoralized security forces offered no resistance.

The inmates are anti-American jihadists.

The painful irony in all this is the leader of the Taliban has an active Twitter account but the former president of the United States does not.

Hours ago, the Taliban started entering #Kabul from all sides, according to the Afghan interior ministry. The group’s leader says Taliban fighters have been ordered to refrain from violence in the capital, allow safe passage to anyone who chooses to exit, and request women to head to protected areas.

The Taliban, in control of all border crossings, are waiting for the Americans to leave before they assume power. They control all border crossings and the only way out is the airport.

The Taliban spokesperson said girls will be allowed education and women can work. There will be peace.

They also said all will be forgiven and the people should stay in their homes. They say banks and commercial centers will be safe.

US officials were completely unprepared.

Helicopters lifted some Americans out and others left in diplomatic vehicles.


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