San Diego to Repaint Dangerous Bike Lanes No One Approved


In San Diego’s Gold Coast, one major road was turned into a crazy double bike lane, squeezing cars into one lane in the middle of the road. There was an uproar in the community that got results. The city will repaint the bike lanes and restripe the double yellow lines, Channel 8 local reports.

screenshot from clip – ridiculous lanes with vehicles squeezed into the middle.

“There was no community outreach, there was no transparency, and for that, we missed the mark, it’s a mistake, that’s why we’re undoing it,” said Mayor Gloria. The ‘we’ he speaks of is likely ‘he’.


Mayor Gloria and his comrades in the city transportation department admit the bike lanes were done without notifying anyone or putting it up for public comment. Even city council members didn’t know what was happening. “We thought it was a mistake by the striping crew,” said Councilman Chris Cate who represents the area.

“I have never seen these lanes in my life. I have never been briefed on it, told about it,” Cate said.

The road was a bike lane target but Transportation didn’t notify anyone. Somehow it “fell through the cracks”. No one knows who did it. Why or who or what targeted that road is also unknown.

Transportation fell on the sword.

The fix is only temporary, however. Bike lanes are their future, says Comrade Gloria.

“I think it’s not likely to be on [the same stretch of Gold Coast Drive], but it will appear in other parts of the city,” said Mayor Gloria. “The difference will be that we’ll inform the community in advance, we’ll work with them to see if this is the appropriate treatment for that particular stretch of land.”

The reason might be that the far left wants us out of our vehicles and onto bikes. That actually seems obvious at this point. To make it happen, they have put bike lanes everywhere throughout the nation. In New York, it’s mostly foreigners who use them, but Americans like and need their cars and trucks.

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1 year ago

But the politicians will not be using the bike paths they mandate. Do ya wonder why not?