Monkeypox-Bill Gates-The Who-CDC-Pandemic Treaty for the New Normal


The CDC and The WHO warn that Monkeypox is accelerating so don’t think for a minute that we’re back to normal. For now, Dr. Robert Malone says it’s fear porn.

Why would the CDC and The WHO try to frighten us? Could it be the upcoming changes to the so-called Pandemic Treaty? The changes put medical tyrants in charge of the worldwide response to pandemics.

We know the globalists predict life will never go back to normal and they certainly are doing their share to see that prediction comes to fruition.

Movie cinema billboard with three rules to replace handshakes with elbow bumps, footshakes or just waving to friend during coronavirus epidemic

In early November 2021, and several times since, Bill Gates, the computer guy, the not-a-scientist guy, has called for a Global Pandemic Task Force. And now, just as Monkeypox hits the news, we will have such a task force under the CCP-Gates controlled World Health Organization (WHO) which operates under the dictator’s club — the UN. They want a new normal.

As you have hopefully heard, this week Biden plans to sign on to health amendments attached to a Pandemic Treaty that’s not a treaty. No legislative body approved this so-called treaty. The health amendments make us subservient to The WHO and rob the US and 193 other nations of medical sovereignty. The WHO gets to decide everything.

Watch him call for this task force that he urgently wants:

Miraculously, helping him out is the media blowing up news of smallpox and Monkeypox.

Just last year, The globalists held Monkeypox germ drills. Their recommendations included having one entity to hand down all the “guidance”, adding that the entity must have its own pot of money (the US gives the most, always). It’s for the new normal.

Dr. Malone gave a brief rundown on the fake Pandemic Treaty. Joe Biden sent recommendations to the health amendments to the treaty. Theses changes to the health amendments give the globalists their medical one world order. The globalists want that to as our normal.



Where does Monkeypox fit in? Some say it’s a fraud to encourage people to sign up. Dr. Malone says right now that it’s men who have sex with men who are spreading it. Monkeypox is mild and rare.

In June of 2021, the FDA approved a drug to treat the eradicated smallpox virus. On November 17, 2021, vials of smallpox, which is related to Monkeypox, were found in a lab. Another coincidence as predictions of a smallpox resurgence germinates in the news here and there. Just google ‘smallpox could come back’ and see how the media jumped on it.

Now, we have an outbreak of only 80 cases of Monkeypox worldwide. That’s nothing – so far. The media is hyping it but not mentioning the danger the fake pandemic treaty presents this week. It’s our new normal, manufactured by the globalists.

If there isn’t a crisis, they will create one or make it worse. Never let a good crisis go to waste, leftist Rahm Emanuel said.

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Con man
Con man
1 month ago

Breaking news

1 month ago

The W.H.O., CDC and slimy DemocRATs are being out monkey pox as a new pandemic just in time for the November elections so they can use it like they did the fake covid pandemic to rig the elections. Don’t fall it. Vote the slimy DemocRATs out of off ice. Eliminate the DemocRATic party and you eliminate 98% of this country’s problems.