San Fran considers letting children of 16 vote locally


Leave the children alone.

Knowing how easily 16-year-old children can be influenced, San Francisco is considering letting them vote locally. It’s part of a growing Banana Republic movement led by Democrats in the United States.

A new proposition in San Francisco could allow teenagers as young as 16 to vote in local elections, NBC News reported Saturday.

Residents will vote on the measure in November. If it passes, San Francisco will become the first major American city to grant 16- and 17-year-olds the right to vote in municipal elections.

A similar measure introduced in 2016 failed to pass, receiving approximately 48 percent of the vote. However, local activists are hoping for success this time around.

“I really think that Vote 16 will help the youth of color in San Francisco establish the habit of voting at an earlier age and really provide them with the support and the resources that they need to continue building on that habit as they grow older,” Crystal Chan, an 18-year old organizer for Vote 16 SF who fought to get the measure on the ballot, told NBC News.

It might but it’s also to further corruption and sway all local elections to the leftists. The Democrats mean to hold all the power in the United States.

They plan to indoctrinate these children, inundate them with politics, depriving them of a childhood. It’s going on elsewhere.

Rep. Grace Meng (D-N.Y.) introduced a constitutional amendment in 2018 to lower the voting age nationwide to 16.

“They are the leaders of our future and the decisions we make impact their lives every day. To capture their views and experiences, we must lower the voting age to 16 in all elections,” she added.

Communistic Ayanna Pressley did the same thing. In 2019, she introduced an amendment to H.R. 1 — the For the People Act— to lower the federal voting age to 16.

Why stop at 16? Why not 14 or 12?

The United States has the weakest voting laws of advanced nations. No nation allows mail-in voting and they are doing that too.

They want to commit fraud in our humble opinion.

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3 years ago

because they know the younger generation is corrupted ,they consciously and purposefully corrupted them with leftist education and cultural system,and they know it well