San Fran Progressives Want to Ban the Word “Family”


Progressive Democrats in San Francisco won’t allow a Democrat-led charitable group use the word “family.” They’re banning it because they think it’s a dog whistle for the right.

Banning the Word Family

We have a culture war story for you today from Legal Insurrection, but right now, nothing is more important than the border invasion. It’s destroying our sovereignty. We shouldn’t be distracted.

San Francisco now finds the word “family” unacceptable. If you want to know where the Democrat Progressive revolution is headed, look no further than San Francisco.

The group trying to get it accepted is a low-key, peaceful Democrat group, and they will keep trying. Apparently, they are not as ‘progressive’ as the people banning the word.

Radical Bernie supporters attended a Zoom meeting to object to the word as a dog whistle for the Right.

“It’s a common dog whistle on the right,” one said.

The word is associated with conservatives because it is a vital part of the culture. The cultural transformers don’t like families. Currently, they want it identified so loosely that it’s unrecognizable as a family.

“Family” is a dog whistle to the left, but “puppy play” is fine.

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9 months ago

Progressives have Issues. Serious Issues!

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