San Fran Raises Reparations to $360K Each After They Demanded $5 Million


The ridiculous San Francisco reparations panel increased the amount it wants to give 1.8 million black people from $220,000 to $360K each. It’s a $650 billion freebie in San Francisco alone.

At the hearing, one man said it’s the “only way to stop our children busting into liquor and grocery stores.”

Good parenting and a good education would do that more than money.

It’s a mystery where the money will come from since their budget deficit is skyrocketing.

This is Kabuki theater. Other cities are thinking of doing the same. It will quickly become unsustainable, and it’s theoretically ridiculous.


The panel raised it after the advisory committee demanded $5 million each.

They want $5 million each. The city’s African American Reparations Advisory Committee recently recommended that qualifying Black residents receive $5 million each in reparations.

“There wasn’t a math formula,” said Eric McDonnell, chair of the reparations committee and the principal of Peacock Partnerships, a San Francisco-based consulting firm. “It was a journey for the committee towards what could represent a significant enough investment in families to put them on this path to economic well-being, growth, and vitality that chattel slavery and all the policies that flowed from it destroyed.”

It compensates for “the public policies explicitly created to subjugate Black people in San Francisco by upholding and expanding the intent and legacy of chattel slavery.”

These people are just greedy radicals.

That could apply to the Chinese, Japanese, Irish, Italians, Jewish, gays, and others. It’s also not unique to the US.

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6 months ago

When are Liberals going to learn that you never negotiate with Terrorist? When someone tries to extort money from Government, i.e. Reparations, they need to be tried for extortion and jailed!

We tried helping Blacks and that just made things worse, now it’s time to build jails and let them sink; or on occasion swim! Right now the Liberal fix is the “Bigotry of Low Expectations” by importing even more dumb people. The real fix is Survival of the Fittest.

Over the Last 30 years, the IQ in China has risen to about 106 while in America it has dropped to around 96. America can’t be America if we keep producing people even less able to function in a modern world. After my oldest daughter graduated College, she chose to live and work in Asia; where the smart people are. Unfortunately, I can’t blame her.

6 months ago

Blacks should thank God their ancestors were brought here allowing them to be born in the once greatest country in the world, rather than being born in Africa in some of the worst most violent places on earth. Modern blacks should repay our country for all the damage they have caused and all the billions it cost us to drag them along in society. I’m not racist, just a realist.

John Vieira
John Vieira
6 months ago
Reply to  lalasayswhat

They, and the ‘instigators’ of reparations are too stupid to realize that the ‘slaves’ were sold by their OWN people to the slavers…hence, present African countries that were enriched at the time, are solely responsible… and should pay the whole cost….they were not even wanted back then by their own ‘kith and kin’…and now we understand why….