San Franciscans address rampant theft and break-ins


San Franciscans address the rampant 24/7 stealing in their city in the clip below. They’ve never seen anything like it as millions and millions of dollars of merchandise are looted thanks to the non-existent law enforcement.

Organized crime and international crime syndicates are involved. The thieves hit the same stores over and over. Some say the thieves are becoming more aggressive. There’s nothing and no one to stop them.

Tourists aren’t safe, no one is.

Yet, they keep voting these lunatics into office. They literally voted for a prosecutor who was raised by terrorist communists and is the son of domestic terrorists, Chesa Boudin. Boudin also made it clear he wouldn’t prosecute very many crimes.




  1. I wish it was possible to feel sorry for people who think that it is gonna work this time but it is not possible.
    Evolved enlightened beings should know that there is something wrong with their precious 19th century ideology and it is never going to work.
    They do know because it isn’t about utopia building, it is about nation destroying while the apparatchiks loot everything and enrich their comrades.
    Violence and retribution against scapegoats is also a feature of the Marxist inversion.

  2. You reap what you sow. The cities and state of Ca. is run and controlled by Marxist democrats who were voted in by dullards, so live with it. These stores will soon be moving out of state and then what will happen?

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