Sanctuary City to Kick Migrants Out to Make Room for New Ones


According to the New York Post, Denver, Colorado, rescinded its suspension of “migrant evictions” last Monday so they can begin evicting them. They’re finding that their ideology doesn’t work so well with reality.

They are so overrun that they have run “out of shelter space.” Therefore, city officials have to kick out thousands to accommodate new illegals. And none of this can compare to what Texas has dealt with.

“We have filled every single hotel room that we have available in the city and county of Denver,” Mayor Mike Johnston said at a town hall meeting last week.

“Now, we have the terrible decision that if we don’t start exiting folks, we will have 250 folks that will arrive today or the day after, who don’t have anywhere to go at night.”

Why do they feel terrible? Send them home.

That day, about 140 migrant families were booted from their accommodations, with 660 families in the coming weeks, likely meaning more than 3,000 individuals, Newsweek said. For the next two months, about 50 to 60 families will be forced out each day.

“Our city workers have done heroic work helping newcomers land on their feet and start to build a life in Denver, but we are out of shelter space,” the mayor’s press secretary, Jordan Fuja, told the outlet.

“We are out of staff, and we are facing a budget deficit of up to $180 million to cover sheltering costs,” the Post reported.

Tell your Democrat leaders to send them home. Problem solved.

They need $100 million to cover housing for these invaders.

The best thing Abbott did was to start sending the invaders to sanctuary cities.

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Biden Crapbritches
Biden Crapbritches
16 days ago

The only way Biden can win is through cheating, and they’re putting that plan together right now. California is running tv ads in Chinese and Spanish telling illegals to mail in votes. Biden Crapbritches and the Marxist Dems are corrupt beyond compare..

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
16 days ago

Imagine being a citizen of Denver. Every man woman and child in the city of 3,000,000 must contribute $60/year to make up just the $180 million dollar deficit in the fund to care for the illegals. They don’t tell us the total cost. For their contribution the change of being victims of crimes has gone up, and
Biden inflation is stealing $1,000s more per year.

Now who wants to move to Denver?
Unbelievably the population grew by 101,000 from 2021-2024
( 20240208 03:00 GMT)

Biden Crapbritches
Biden Crapbritches
16 days ago

Evey illegal in the country must be deported. We should just drop them back into Mexico where they came from, Let Mexico sort it out. These moochie 3rd Worlders have got to go. Also, the stinking Chinese are financing the drug cartels and using their profits to purchase land in the U.S. This has got to stop.