Sara Carter Blasts Rosenstein, Wray, “Nothing More Disgusting…”


Investigative reporter Sara Carter blasted the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray on ‘Hannity’ after their testimony yesterday.  They “undermined the American people,” she said.

“They really believe that these guys that think they were better, smarter and they think they are the super patriots and we the people are stupid,” Hannity blasted FBI investigators in discussing Thursday’s contentious hearing in which Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray faced lawmakers demanding answers.

Rosenstein seemed to think the entire event was humorous because he did a lot of smirking. Wray is arrogant as well.

“They undermined the American people. They undermined the system that our nation is founded on,” Carter said.

“There is nothing more disgusting than thinking that you know everything,” Carter continued.

“That’s the reason President Trump won. Let’s be honest. People were sick and tired of being told they were not smart enough, not good enough. They don’t know what to do,” she argued.  “You know what? The American people said we are smart enough, we are  good enough and we don’t really care what you have to say because we live in this country and we will vote for whom we want to vote for.”

If Hillary won the election, all this corruption would have been kept from the American people.

“If Trump would not have won the election, think about what the alternative would be. We would never know what happened,” she said.




  1. When you swear to the truth of a document before a court you are telling the judge that you have no doubt as to its truth, veracity.
    Rod RosenstAin swore to the absolute truth of the Hillary Clinton procured DOSSIER’ TO THE FISA COURT.
    Thus RosenstAin is guilty of FELONY PERJURY, IN VIOLATION OF 18 U.S.C. Sections 1001a and 1621.

    Both Wray & RosenstAin are guilty of violation of 18 U.S.C. Section 1505, Obstruction of a Legitimate Congressional Investigation, as well are guilty of obstruction of justice and conspiracy. Unless RosenstAin is arrested, or ordered to release the documents by Pres Trump and refuses and is fired, and someone who is a straight arrow replaces him, RosenstAin will continue to defy the law, no matter how outrageous his conduct may be. Sessions is worthless and is a DEM plant and a traitor to Pres Trump, a Brutus to Trump’s Caesar.
    The mob violence by the left should not be tolerated.

  2. Rottenstink is covering up for everyone up the food chain and right into the Obama white house. There is no other explanation. If he doesn’t give congress what they want by the july 6 deadline, Trump should de-classify it all and let the public see it, enough of this sh#t.

    • Agreed. But it wouldn’t surprise me, given the monumental arrogance of this dirt bag, even if everything was declassified, he still refused to give it up. That would be interesting.

  3. President Trump had no idea the pit of vipers he was going into. Did any American realize the depth of the deception and corruption that was inside our government? I hope the light shines on that darkness until it goes down in flames.

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