SATs Adopt Socialism & This Will Kill the Middle Class


David Coleman

The College Boards under the far-far-left David Coleman will now give adversity scores to help colleges implement discriminatory and racist policies. The adversity score will quantify the unquantifiable social and economic backgrounds of students. It’s aim is to help colleges skirt fairness in admissions of white and Asian students.

You can listen to David Coleman’s hard left mother here, as she talks about reinventing liberal arts education. She adheres to the false notion that racial gaps are due to white privilege and prejudice. It’s a lie and we see it now affecting our justice system, housing, and it has engendered the principle of disparate impact. David is his mother’s son.

Coleman is the architect of Common Core which elevates emotions, feelings, opinions, and subjectivity over the importance of verifiable facts, traditional academic knowledge, and skills, and objectivity, as the Wall Street Journal reports.

The 15 factors which make up the adversity score — based on pseudo-science — do not use race, but they get at race indirectly, as The Federalist reports. The College Boards will even give an adversity score for students who take the ACT. There will be no skirting this abomination.

Colleges and universities are so screwed up and the PK-12 system is on its way into the same socialist morass. They have become dishonest in instruction, scoring, and even in acceptance standards.


The new SATs will use ‘quantified’ social justice measures to unfairly rate students for their acceptability for admissions.

It is impossible to quantify adversity but the SATs will do it anyway. They will use things like the student’s address to determine an adversity score, but people already lie about where they live and it will get worse. This system encourages abject dishonesty.

Standardized tests are allegedly rooted in classism, nativism, white supremacy, and have historically favored white, middle-class students by testing bodies of knowledge that skew more toward that demographic. These are the same hate-America people who condemn our Founding Fathers, America, and who try to distort the Constitution and vilify white people and police.

The adversity score will take “hardship” into account which means people will lie to get into these colleges.

The College Boards are doing this partly to let colleges off the hook when they employ affirmative action to the detriment of students who deserved the seat, such as Asian students who typically perform better than any race.


They are openly circumventing the Supreme Court which has struck down Affirmative Action. They will do it again in the lawsuit against Harvard University brought by Asian students. The Asian students were unfairly discriminated against. Of that, there is no doubt.

This entire adversity system is covertly racist against whites and Asians. They want to rate “privilege” which is an inherently dangerous and dishonest term. It is anti-white racism. The term ‘white privilege’ was first conceived by a far-left writer and it continues to be promoted by the far-left.


The Wall Street Journal reports that the College Board uses 15 metrics, such as the test taker’s high school’s percentage of free lunches distributed and his or her neighborhood’s crime rate, to calculate the adversity score. John Barnhill, Florida State University’s assistant vice president for academic affairs, tells the newspaper that use of the adversity score helped increase the school’s minority enrollment from 37 percent to 42 percent for incoming freshmen.

They will look at income and intact families. If you have a family with a mother and a father and have worked hard, and a family with a good income, you will lose.

They determine adversity by looking at so-called ‘privilege.’ It favors some races over others and puts hard work, talent, intelligence, and commitment on the back burner. It’s more of the cultural Marxism destroying our school system.


The College Boards are making a fortune. They made $916 million in total revenue in 2016, $3.3 million of which came from government grants (tax dollars). The College Boards spent $2.3 million to lobby. This is a corrupt use of tax dollars. The entire system is now corrupt.

This is the complete destruction of the SATs original purpose. It was developed to establish common standards and determine ability.

It is a way of dismantling standards based on merit.


The middle class will suffer the most.

It will now matter where you came from although we were taught that didn’t matter. We could succeed no matter where we came from. As Heather MacDonald says, the leftists want to change the so-called privilege that drives the racial gap by changing the culture. They want to close the gap by giving some an unfair advantage. Minorities will be taught they can earn placements in good schools by race, not hard work. Students who work hard will learn we no longer have a fair and just system.


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