Saudi Arabia & Jordan Defended Israel During Iran’s Assault – Update


Here’s a Not So Fast Update:

The Saudis and the Gulf states closed the airspace to the US and Israel. So, you know how Biden’s media has bragged about this amazing coalition he brought together to save Israel? Not so fast! The US and UK helped, but Israel shot down most of the drones and missiles. They expended a half billion dollars worth of weaponry doing it.

The Saudis are reluctant to side with the United States openly, and Israel absent a more concrete security arrangement with Washington, according to “The Wall Street Journal.”

The Saudis didn’t fulfill most of the US requests.

And all those reports about Jordan downing drones? Jordon said they shot down drones that threatened their airspace.

The claims that Jordanian jets had shot down an Israeli drone en route to Israel were triggered by a report generated by Reuters chief reporter in Jordan Suleiman Al-Khalidi.

He is a Jordanian himself, with dozens of his family members residing in Amman. Al Khalidi faces the Hashemite regime’s ruthless grip on any reports generated in Jordan. Al Khalidi’s original report quotes “two regional security sources” as his reference. While the term “regional” is very vague, one has to be curious about why the Jordanian Air Force has not yet published any reports confirming the alleged incident.

It came from one reporter with two sketchy unknown sources. It was used to politicize issues. It’s likely not true.

All that bragging about Biden’s great job forming a coalition was fake news. There was no coalition.

Original Story April 15, 12:37

Saudi Arabia deployed its military to defend Israel against the unprecedented Iranian attack. It signals a change in the region where the terror nation of Iran seeks hegemony. If you ever meet Iranian people, you’ll find they are nice, and it’s a tragedy that they have religious fascists in control.

That Iranian attack on Israel was ferocious, with about 300 to 350 drones and missiles, 99% of which were shot down or never reached the targets.

Saudi Arabia’s decision to join forces with Israel and other Western allies is a stunning change. It also occurs while discussions for a peace agreement between Saudi Arabia and Israel are ongoing. Donald Trump came up with the Abraham Accords, which were the impetus for these discussions.

Donald Trump planned to starve the terror nation of power through sanctions and isolate them. It was working. Biden ended that and tried to dismantle the Abraham Accords.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin deserves credit. He has discussed the situation with his Saudi counterpart, Khalid bin Salman. The Pentagon has assured him that the United States does not seek escalation but will continue to defend Israel. Jordan’s involvement in the defense efforts further underscores regional unity against aggression. They joined despite Iran’s warnings. Jordan is having problems with radical elements and other Palestinians in its nation.

The Reasons Given

Jordan’s government issued a statement describing its military action as an act of self-defense, not done for the benefit of Israel.

It said the drones and missiles “that entered our airspace last night were dealt with and confronted preventively without endangering the safety of our citizens and residential and populated areas.”

Jordan is home to a large population of Palestinians.

Prince bin Salmon acknowledged his role. Many of Iran’s drones and missiles also crossed over Saudi Arabia.

While Jordan had openly disclosed its role in the defensive maneuver, Saudi Arabia’s acknowledgment came as a summary on its official website, citing insights from a source within the Saudi royal family. They are concerned about regional stability.

The report on the royal family’s website quoted an official condemning Iran’s aggressive actions and attributing them to the regime’s support for terrorism. The official underscored the urgency of curbing Iran’s destabilizing influence, emphasizing the need for global action against Tehran’s belligerent activities.

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