Saudi Pensacola killer hosted a party to watch mass shooting videos on eve of murders


Saudi student Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani watched mass shooting videos during a dinner party he hosted the night before he killed three innocent people in Pensacola on the Florida naval base.

Another Saudi student was recording outside the building while the shooting took place. He says 10 Saudi students are being held at the base and that several others are still unaccounted for. That is the latest information and it could change. The person who spoke to the media made his comments anonymously.

Alshamrani was shooting at random, according to the anonymous reporter. The killer said in a screed that he “hates Americans,” because of “their crimes against Muslims or humanity.”

They don’t know if his terrorist act is tied to Islamic terrorism. Yeah, that’s a tough one. Of course, he could just be mentally ill, but aren’t all terrorists?

A national security expert from the Heritage Foundation warned against making an immediate link to terrorism.

Charles “Cully” Stimson cautioned against assuming that “because he was a Saudi national in their air force and he murdered our people, that he is a terrorist.”


Family members on Saturday identified one of the victims as a 23-year-old recent graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy who alerted first responders to where the shooter was even after he had been shot several times, ABC News 7 reported.

“Joshua Kaleb Watson saved countless lives today with his own,” Adam Watson wrote on Facebook. “He died a hero and we are beyond proud but there is a hole in our hearts that can never be filled.”

Two other innocents also died, several were wounded. Police killed the lunatic.


The Pentagon is reviewing the screening process and the FBI is looking into the killer’s tweets.



    • How is it that ? I’m curious to know, I thought he was of a different religious belief like so many others that have their own religious beliefs and not any of them are considered the same

  1. Islamic terrorists are such an great asset when it comes to their contributions in the US military. (sarc) Aren’t we all happy that our gobermint is allowing them into our military schools to better learn how to attack US military personnel? I know Ilhan Omar must be really proud of them whenever they “do something” such as this against our men and women in uniform.

  2. The FBI continues its perfect record of preventing zero terrorist attacks, other than the ones they entrap. They are busy now spying on Rudy and preparing to arrest him.

  3. No matter how much evidence they find, they will protect all Islamic people, they are now a protected group, even if they kill and murder Americans.

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