It’s Historic! Impeachment Flops in the Ratings


The Impeachment network CNN was counting on a ratings bonanza with impeachment but, instead, they just hit a three-year low, even though impeachment is “historic.” CNN came in at the bottom, where it regularly feeds.

This is despite the fact that Wednesday was a “historic” day with three crabby professors who say Trump is bad, impeach, and a fourth who said Trump could be bad, but this isn’t impeachable.

During primetime on the “historic” impeachment day, CNN only had 1.1 million viewers (4 pm – 11 pm)

But, watch, it’s ‘historic’:

CNN says impeachment will secure Nancy Pelosi’s “legacy in an important way.” Then why doesn’t she want to talk about it?

Watch, she won’t talk about it:

She never wants to talk about it.

On Friday, CNN’s Brook Baldwin dedicated her show to praising Nancy Pelosi, St. Nancy. They brought in her daughter to confirm her mother’s status as “great.”

“So this is a historic moment for this country, certainly for your mother. Your tweet with the hashtag ‘don’t mess with mama’ has been trending. You know this woman better than anyone. Is this classic Nancy Pelosi? Is this the mom you’ve always known?” Baldwin asked.

Her daughter praised her mother and quoted from WaPo’s leftist columnist Dana Milbank regaling her mother’s political expertise.


If they intended to help Trump, it’s working.

Few are watching CNN and few are sending donations to the DNC so who are all these people with no money and no TVs who are voting for the Democrats?

But, hey, it’s historic you know.

Watch the praise of the Queen:



  1. I believe Nancy got highjacked by her party, she caved in, a couple months ago she was totally against impeachment, “too divisive” “must be bi-partisan” on, and on how it would be bad for the country, these phony hearings produced NOTHING for them!!!!!!

  2. The Democrats decision to impeach President Trump boggles the mind of any informed, sane voter.

    He won’t be removed, so what are Pelosi’s motives to proceed? Why go down this road? She’s seems afraid. She called him an impostor. That’s borders on delusional.

  3. She’s evil..Just plan evil..Her daughter is taking after her.
    My big fear is when Nancy passes she leaves her seat to her daughter..You know how the left is..For some reason they can pass down their jobs to their wives,husbands or children..Everyone else has to get elected..

  4. What would you expect with nimrods like Wolff Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, et. al. working there who are nothing but a bunch of Hillary Clinton and Hussein Obama lapdogs? They could blow up and never be seen again and we would be so much better off.

  5. The People (at least those with half a brain) see this for the Kangaroo court it is. If this is how the Democrats rule, with iron fist and ruthless Soviet style, the People who appreciate their freedoms and constitutional rights will reject this corrupt attempt to subvert the rule of law.

  6. Since Comrade Nan and the corrupt self-serving DNC now represent only hatred, division, and ultimately treason against the USA, #DontMessWithHaters would be a more fitting hashtag.

  7. These people all pictured here are Evil people who are satanic.
    God of Abraham will Judge them and yes they will burn in the fire brought by God of Abraham

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