Save America! Vote to dismiss impeachment trial this afternoon – Update


Update: A vote this afternoon was defeated with 45 Republicans voting to dismiss. That only leaves five on the side of holding the trial. That means they have no chance of getting 17 Republicans to vote for removal.

Hugh Hewitt interviewed Senator John Barrasso this morning, who told Hewitt’s audience that there will be a vote in the Senate today to dismiss the impeachment trial.

Barrasso said, “Rand Paul and Ron Johnson have a vote lined up for this afternoon after we get sworn in as jurors. And I think that’s about 2:30 this afternoon.”

He added that likely wouldn’t happen because they’d need all fifty Republicans and at least one Democrat to vote to dismiss.

Nevertheless, it does shine a light on the absurdity of this sham trial based on a phony impeachment. The impeachment process has been destroyed by Pelosi. There was one hour of debate by Democrats and another hour of debate by Republicans. Pelosi did not allow due process, evidence, or a defense

There are allegedly nine Republicans who want this trial. However, they announced today that the Senate does not have the votes to impeach.

Mitch McConnell’s behavior will be important to watch in this. He doesn’t seem to care about his colleagues or Americans. In fact, he likely hates Magas included in the 74 million who voted for DJT.

Donald Trump has come up with a new slogan — Save America. It seems apropos.


Make America Great Again is at least temporarily being replaced by former president Donald Trump. It’s now Save America in his statement in support of the candidacy of Sarah Huckabee Sanders.



  1. Mitch hates MAGAs, just lke he hated the Tea Party in 2009, when he was recorded cursing at them and vowing to destroy them.

    The coward will stay behind the scenes as much as possible during the trial. He knows he is now hated and that he has done great damage to the party. Mitch is taking a big fall. He is going to retire in disgrace just as Sessions, Barr and Ryan have.

  2. Whichever “Republican” votes to keep this sham going needs to be removed from office. They all swear to “uphold” the Constitution and in so doing are violating their oaths, according to the plain reading of the text. Only those who want to jump through twisted logic believe this is even possible. Without the Chief Justice there can be no trial to begin with. Does one go to court with a person from the prosecutors office to sit as judge. The next thing we’ll be hearing is the requirement of 2/3rds vote doesn’t apply. After all it’s not an impeachment in “normal” circumstances, such as the Chief Justice not present, therefore the 2/3rd’s doesn’t apply either.

  3. Did Leahy just tell a “joke” on the swearing in when saying “according to the Constitution”. Where in HELL does the Constitution SAY “Former President”.

  4. Its over Demorats and Media, 55 to 45, it will definitely fail in February, no way they get 17 republicans to convict Trump !!!!!!

  5. Collins, Murkowsky, Sasse, Toomey and, of course, Romney just violated their Constitutional oath. Leahy specifically said, “former President”, which the word former is not in the Constitution.

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