Scalise: Biden’s Running Out the Clock to Create a Debt Crisis


Rep. Steve Scalise spoke with Martha Raddatz on Sunday and told her what we all know. Biden is “clearly trying to run out the clock and create a debt crisis” rather than negotiate or even have a meeting with Speaker McCarthy and the Republicans.

Raddatz asked Scalise, if it goes down to the wire, will he let the US default rather than sign a clean bill. That is such an obnoxious way to put it. Why is it always on the GOP?

Biden will not meet to resolve the crisis, and after it hits, he’ll blame Republicans. The media lapdogs will lap it up. He laughs sarcastically when anyone asks him if he’ll meet. Biden has no intention of meeting.

It will be a good sound bite when he blames Republicans for it. Speaker McCarthy passed a bill and challenged Chuck Schumer to create their own.

They won’t, and they don’t care because they have the media to cover for them. Democrats can do anything they want, and no one will challenge them.

Democrats are willing to crash the economy to fundamentally transform us. Biden never mentions cutting anything. They will spend until we collapse.


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