“Scary” HR-1 nationalizes elections and wipes out state voter ID laws


About 43 states are working to protect the election integrity of their states, but they won’t be able to do it if Democrats pass massive legislation to nationalize election standards.

Democrats plan to wipe out the 10th Amendment.

Voter ID will be gone along with other forms of election security with HR-1. They believe they can pass it based on the Parliamentarian’s opinion.


“This swings the door for fraud wide open,” said Rep. Ashley Hinson, Iowa Republican. “It’s just common sense that a valid form of voter ID should be required to cast a ballot in an election.”

The National Conference of State Legislatures says 36 states require voters to show ID, but Democrats and liberal advocacy groups hope to wipe out those state requirements with the federal legislation.

“You are just adding this ridiculous burden for a nonexistent problem,” said Sylvia Albert, director of voting and elections for the leftist Common Cause.

Leftists falsely insist a voter-signed declaration is necessary to protect minority voters, many of whom say they don’t have access to driver’s licenses or other forms of identification. They charge that state voter ID laws disenfranchise Black and Hispanic voters.

“If you don’t have an ID, you can still vote,” Ms. Albert said.

That’s absurd and it’s a racist claim. Of course, black people have IDs.

Section 307 of the more than 800-page bill says a state may not require a voter to show a form of ID to obtain an absentee ballot but is allowed to require a signature from the voter, as has been a requirement with absentee ballots in past elections.

And those requirements have been vastly watered down.

If a voter feels like it, they can give a sworn statement on identity, but what good is that?

The provisions are needed because states have “eroded access to the right to vote through restrictions on the right to vote including excessively onerous voter identification requirements,” the legislation says.


That is why they are lying about Georgia’s Election Integrity Act. They know it’s a lie and so do the many companies going along with it. So does Joe Biden know he’s lying when he’s in a cogent state.

“The notion that photo ID is racist is absurd, and it’s actually racist to claim that minority voters can’t obtain an ID,” said Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita.

He said no one in Indiana has been wrongly blocked from voting, even with the state’s identification requirement. The problem with the signed declaration as part of the Democrats’ bill is that it can’t be effectively challenged, Mr. Rokita said.

Voter ID laws can prevent voter fraud and duplicate voting, conservatives say. They point to other countries that require voter ID.

The United Kingdom, Canada, France, Argentina, and Brazil are among countries requiring voters to show identification.

Anyone can get a voter ID and the poor can get it for free.




  1. The faculty lounge is about as scary as some belly button lint.
    There will be consequences for the treachery and burning it all down will reach the local area of the enlightened being New Man utopia builders.
    Before Red State passed constitutional carry you had to go to the federal courthouse downtown for all permits and show your ID and get patted down after emptying pockets and walking through an x-ray scanner, at a Soc Sec hearing last March there was some wanding down and belt (metal buckle) removal while the replacement comrades got lippy.
    Hot air doesn’t bother me as I only respect force and fire, why all the ID hoops jumping to enter into the hallowed ground temples of the best government that money can buy, why that’s racist!

  2. When 43 States think that HR-1 is doggie dodo, HR-1 will never be a functioning Law. I strongly suspect the 43 States will ignore HR-1 just like California ignores the Federal Laws they don’t like, and elect Conservative Republicans to both the House and State. Communist Democrats are just trying to make stuffing Ballot boxes legal like it is in California.

  3. Dems can assert the right to shut down state voter ID requirements; it doesn’t mean they actually have that right, nor do states have to go along with such crap. After all, states are ignoring the federal laws against pot, and against illegal aliens, and lots of other federal laws. This will be one more federal law we can–and will–ignore.

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