Scathing report about ‘grotesquely’ run GA election was available last November


Records suggest more than 100 batches of absentee ballots in Fulton County could be missing. Some experts see “election tabulation malpractice” as state officials seek to remove county’s top election supervisors.

In a stunning interview with Jenna Ellis on Real America’s Voice, investigative reporter John Solomon discussed his breaking story which revealed that a Georgia state report from November 2020 concluded that the 2020 election there was conducted improperly.

Read this brief summary of a two-part exposé by John Solomon.


“We were given a story for six or seven months now,” Solomon told Ellis, host of Just the Truth. “Brad Raffensperger went on 60 Minutes and said this was the best run election.”

That wasn’t the truth.“When you look at the ballot results they got from Fulton County… when they went through the audit they saw all sorts of crazy things,” said Solomon. “There were ballots that were scanned multiple times… they had a sequence of votes where five different consecutive batches of votes came out with the exact same totals… the mathematical probability of that happening is zero,” he said.

“Then there is a gap in the records — there are 150 blocks of absentee ballots that are logged in but on paper [they’re not showing as being counted] — that’s a 15-20,000 vote difference,” he continued. “The assurances we were given that everything is okay in dodge … it’s not true.”

Here is the latest breaking news on the “grotesque running of the election.” Raffensperger had a report in November of a completely mismanaged election:


There’s more.

In an article just posted earlier, Solomon writes that potentially thousands of ballots in the presidential race are affected in Democrat Fulton County, Georgia. Biden only won by 12,000 votes.

Documents that Georgia’s largest county submitted to state officials as part of a post-election audit show significant irregularities in the Atlanta area during last November’s voting.

The problems range from identical vote tallies repeated multiple times to large batches of absentee ballots that appear to be missing from the official ballot-scanning records.

The report, which chronicled seven days of problems, recorded troubling behavior like the mysterious removal of a suitcase of sensitive election data known as polls pads, used to authenticate voters.


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Crunchberry Beast
Crunchberry Beast
2 years ago

CCP Rattensberger and the other useful idiots must think that the PRC will take care of them but all sides hate quisling traitors as they can never be trusted and they will always be waiting behind your back with a knife.
Even lowlifes with zero redeeming features never sabotage or sell out their country.
Your names will life in infamy traitorous CCP loving scum POS RAT bastards.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

There is no legal authority honest enough to act against Raffenstealer.

Barr did it, he was the key to the coup, without him allowing it, it was impossible. Then he goes on TV and says “I didn’t see anything”. His DOJ then set up the fake insurrection and went after protesters like they were criminals. He conveniently left town and called Trump an insurrectionist. The man behind the curtain is Barr.

Notice that McCarthy and Mitch mirrored his rhetoric. Raffenstealer, Kemp and other republicans were part of the election steal too. Barr blocked DOJ action, Mitch blocked senate action.

2 years ago

Why are we finding all this out now? The Cover Up always gets more people in trouble because it pisses people off.

Albino Buffalo
Albino Buffalo
2 years ago

I don’t know if it’s the browser settings but a headline at aggregator huge election failures discovered state could flip and it is a where’s the beef moment as nothing is there. (paywall?)
Another one says Rattensberger’s teams turns on him and he has some ‘splainin to do.
What a tangled web.
Incompetence…or something else (?)