Scathing Resignation Letter from a Prosecutor in Cook County


CWB Chicago published a resignation letter from a twenty-year veteran of the Chicago prosecutor’s office, Jason F. Poje. The prosecutor is well-respected but can’t get of Chicago and Illinois fast enough.

He is fed up with policies the agency backs that “has the predictable, and predicted, outcome of more crime and more people getting hurt.”

Bond reform designed to make sure no one stays in jail while their cases are pending with no safety net to handle more criminals on the streets, shorter parole periods, lower sentences for repeat offenders, the malicious and unnecessary prosecution of law enforcement officers, the overuse of diversion programs, intentionally not pursuing prosecutions for crimes lawfully on the books after being passed by our legislature and signed by a governor, all of the so-called reforms have had a direct negative impact, with consequences that will last for a generation.”

“The unavoidable consequences are what we are witnessing in real time, an increase in crime of all kinds, businesses and families pulling up the stakes, and the bodies piling up; the whole time with a State’s Attorney who insists there is nothing to see here, and if there is, it must be someone else’s fault.”

He said his family moved into a safe suburb. Now his five-year-old hears gunfire in the park and a drug dealer sells behind his house.

He grew up in Chicago. But Kim Foxx, the Soros-backed DA and the rest of the leadership have ruined the city.

This is a tragedy taking place throughout the country in US cities. We know who to blame for it. The scales have tilted to pro-criminal.



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