Scholar warns: Dems reject the Republic, they want a radical democracy


History scholar Victor Davis Hanson joined Mark Levin on Life, Liberty, and Levin on Sunday to discuss the election and the fight for America.

The issues have always been constitutional, Hanson said. Democrats broke the law. They violated the constitution, and those violations must be adjudicated. Judges changed election law, and they do not have that authority under the Constitution.

Hanson is concerned that Democrats, beginning with defeating senators Perdue and Loeffler in Georgia in 2021, want to change the mechanisms by which we make policy.

“Our collective fates could hinge on those two seats, and if we lose those two seats, they’re not just talking about nationalizing healthcare. They’re talking about getting rid of a 232-year Electoral College with their National Popular Vote Compact. They’re talking about changing 151-years of tradition with the Supreme Court, and they can do that if they get rid of the Senate filibuster.”

“And then they’re talking about ending a 60-year tradition of 50 states. So once you have a 15-person Supreme Court, you can do almost anything, and we’re within a hair’s breadth of getting that, what’s going to happen, you can have most anything. If you have the Senate, the Presidency, the Representatives, and the Supreme Court…”

“The danger is we can see a replay of what we saw on November 3rd. The polls are going to be massaging credible new blue state Georgia. We’re going to be told Warnock and Ossoff are moderates. They’re no different than Bill Clinton’s Third Wave. None of this radical stuff is ever going to make it. The media is going to blanket it out. Big Tech is going to de-platform, blue check, whatever they have to do, and the money that we spend in particular states is going to be nothing compared to the billions of dollars that will come in from Mike Bloomberg and others.”

“We’ve already seen people as diverse as Andrew Yang and the columnist of the NY Times like Tom Friedman say, violate the law and move into Georgia and then stay there temporarily, register to vote, and get out. That was their implication, which is a felony.”

Everything hangs in the balance.

He also talked about the changes in demography and the tech center adding 6 million to the population in a state of 12 million.

Hanson said if we lose those two seats, we will see changes like we’ve never seen in our lifetime. We are talking about “structural changes to the Constitution as we know it, and to the traditions, and to protocols of governance for over a century and a half.”

He went on to discuss the globalism we face with Levin. They will “devour us,” and it’s why we don’t have an “Athenian democracy.”

People [Democrats] don’t want a Republic anymore. They want a radical democracy. They’ve rejected the whole idea and want a mobocracy.


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