Schools Are “Rebranding” DEI, But It’s the Same Ideological Pig


A new Texas law, SB17, banned DEI, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – Marxism – to put the emphasis back on merit and ability. One of the state senators who authored the bill found out that higher education facilities were not complying with the law. They simply renamed their DEI offices, giving DEI staffers new titles. They are planning to continue doing the same things without using trigger words like “diversity, equity, inclusion” in their materials.

UT called its DEI department the Division of Campus and Community Engagement. State Senator Brandon Creighton warned schools that they would be called to testify before Congress. UT then laid off most of its DEI staffers.

The NY Times reported that fake compliance with DEI bans is also happening at other schools.

The University of Tennessee calls its D.E.I. program the Division of Access and Engagement.

Louisiana State is calling the DEI office the Division of Civil Rights and Title IX.

The University of Oklahoma’s diversity office is the Division of Access and Opportunity.

Florida State University is also doing the same thing. Their DEI office is now the Office of Equal Opportunity Compliance and Engagement.

In Georgia, Kennesaw State University renamed its DEI office the “Division of Organizational Effectiveness, Leadership Development and Inclusive Excellence.”

David Bray, a finance professor at Kennesaw State University, who is gay, disapproves of DEI.

“It’s the same lipstick on the ideological pig,” said Dr. Bray, who is gay and opposes diversity programs, arguing that they promote equal outcomes rather than equal opportunity. “As soon as D.E.I. was uncovered as political left, they now reinvent the language and have morphed into the ‘sense of belonging’ crew.”

The challenge is trying to change what is deeply ingrained in these schools. They’ve become havens of Marxism. Their Marxist indoctrination centers.

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