Schumer Demands Gun Confiscations, Ban Semi-Automatic Rifles


Senate Democrats demand that the gun bill must expand background checks and allow court-ordered gun confiscations while demanding a vote on a semi-automatic rifle ban. If it doesn’t happen, there is no deal.

Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer of New York said his Democratic caucus will deliver a “very large” number of votes for those priorities.

Oh, no doubt! Big of him.

Mr. Schumer said Democrats will push for protective court orders that would allow law enforcement or family members to petition judges to block people from getting guns if they see danger signs.

Any vengeful family member could take a person’s Second Amendment right away under these conditions.

“This is what we think should be done. This is the right thing to do … but if we can get a good portion of it and not all of it, fine,” Mr. Schumer said. “To get these things done, I’m not drawing any lines in the sand.”

Schumer says he has the upper hand after Wednesday’s public meeting with the President and other GOP where Trump shot down Republican priorities. Trump told Republicans they were “petrified” of the NRA. He appeared to dismiss due process which would make gun grabs very easy.

They want top-to-bottom gun safety laws.


Meanwhile, no one is talking about the FBI failures, the incompetence or corruption of the Sheriffs’ office, the failure of the judge, social service, and the police. Nikolas Cruz, who allegedly makes this mass shooting feel differently, would never have gotten a gun if everyone, literally everyone, hadn’t fallen down on the job. Cruz did everything but put an ad in the New York Times.

If the various officials shared the information and followed current law, Cruz would have been stopped.

The anti-gun Youth Movement is fully and 100% astroturf, designed to gut the Second Amendment.

What needs to be done first is to harden the school with trained, armed professionals.

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Gerald Wayne Fontenot
Gerald Wayne Fontenot
4 years ago

Schumer continues to Prove just how Big an Ass he actually is. Normal.

4 years ago
maurice caron
maurice caron
4 years ago

This is exactly why free people in America do not trust their government.