Schumer Fought Counting Non-citizens, Now Wants Fed $ to Count Bees


At one of Sen. Charles Schumer’s weekly, Sunday, faux press events, the Senate Minority Leader addressed a subject roiling our nation.  He’s concerned about the shrinking population of honey bees.  

And while this is not aimed at diminishing the important role those insects play in farming, given recent events, some of the details in his presser might have folks scratching their collective noggins.  

Here’s why.  

During much of  July, Schumer spent a good deal of his political energies fighting tooth and nail to keep the U.S. Census Bureau from collecting data on how many non-citizens were in the United States.  Chuckie didn’t feel the kind of info that might help reveal the actual number of illegal immigrants living here, and determine the number of congressional representatives from the various states, was all that crucial.

Yet, later in the same month, he was bleating about the need for federal dollars to be used to literally get, from each and every state, the number of bees, shall we say, in residence.  Millions for bumble bees but not one cent to secure the electoral integrity of our Republic!

What a joke!  Schumer should take a couple of Sundays off.

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