Schwab’s Warning to the World Concerns People Because It Came From Them


A blog called Truth Based Media, referencing data from another blog called, believes that the World Economic Forum has an opportunity now to bring in their Great Reset. It’s an interesting theory so we thought we’d share it. However, it’s only a theory and no evidence is presented that anything ties together.

What we do think you should know is the following because it is factual:

In July 2020, WEF founder Klaus Schwab warned the world of a devastating and comprehensive cyber-attack that would ruin the financial system (deposits, pensions, mutual funds, insurance policies), utilities (water, gas, electricity), transportation (planes, air traffic control, smart cars, traffic lights, freight ships, trains, etc), education, healthcare, industry, correctional facilities, the internet itself and pretty much everything that most people in developed countries take for granted.

Those concerns then led the WEF to launch Event 201-type LARPs known as “CyberPolygon,” which were held in 2020 and 2021 and are expected to be held again sometime this year.

The warning in itself is actually realistic. It is a threat.

The fear that people might have is they would be the ones to cause it. Many people think the WEF was well aware of the threats coming from the Wuhan lab and let it happen or worse. There is no proof of that. It’s based on the WEF’s values and it is very subjective.

We’re not convinced that they would do this deliberately but do see them using it — or the threat of it — to advantage.

It doesn’t help that Schwab looks and sounds like a villain in a Superhero movie.

These WEF people are authoritarian kooks but they’re far-left, smart, rich, and dangerous:

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