Scientists Bring Back the Deadly Spanish Flu


1918 flu

A team of scientists in Canada and the U.S. report that they have re-created the 1918 influenza virus and used it to infect Rhesus monkeys.

The 1918 flu, mistakenly called the Spanish flu, disappeared within a couple of years, so is it wise to recreate it? The scientists who did it and injected monkeys discovered it was a bird flu that jumped to humans. That’s important information. We have had recurrences of bird flu – in 1977 and again in 2009.

The 1918 flu first became apparent in Kansas City in military camps in April 1918, but the information was kept secret. When it appeared in Spain in May 1918, the officials talked openly about it, and it became known as the Spanish Flu.

The flu killed 17 to 100 million people worldwide. Five hundred million people caught it. It was the second deadliest pandemic in human history after the Black Death bubonic plague of 1346–1353.

Forbes reported, “About 20 years ago, a small team of researchers led by Jeffery Taubenberger and Ann Reid figured out how to sequence the genome of the 1918 flu. In a series of papers spread over six years, they described how they recovered pieces of the flu virus from human samples that had been frozen for nearly 100 years, including corpses buried in the permafrost of Siberia and Alaska. In 2005, they reported the complete sequence in the journal Nature. Their main discovery was that the 1918 flu had originally been bird flu, which jumped into humans sometime before 1918. Taubenberger and others, including Adolfo Garcia-Sastre at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, also re-constructed live viruses and tested them on mice that same year. Not surprisingly, the mice died.”

Two years later, in 2007, researcher Yoshihiro Kawaoka at the University of Tokyo and the University of Wisconsin infected seven macaques. The macaques became severely ill, and the scientists euthanized all of them.

Yoshiro Kawaoka and Dutch scientist Ron Fouchier are widely known for their gain-of-function research that aimed to give deadly bird flu the ability to infect mammals.

In a new paper, researchers at the Public Health Agency of Canada, the University of Manitoba, and Oregon Health & Science University re-created the 1918 flu virus again and infected 15 macaques. This time they used more realistic doses, and the macaques didn’t get so sick, suffering only “mild” or “moderate” disease. Maybe macaques “are not ideal for the development and testing of novel pandemic influenza-specific vaccines and therapies,” they concluded.

I’m not comfortable that they have the controls to keep this contained. It could also become a bioweapon, but there are even worse illnesses that are currently being investigated with gain-of-function. What do you think?

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Judyann Joyner, RN
Judyann Joyner, RN
1 year ago

I think they need to cut this crap out, NOW.
NO good can come of it
I think we MUST take substantial steps to make China pay dearly for the release of their bioweapon. Whether Covid’s escape from Wuhan was accidental or not, WE KNOW they INTENTIONALLY invited millions of people from around the world to their Wuhan Chinese New Year’s celebration. Upon it’s end, they forbid any travel from Wuhan to the rest of China while FLYING PEOPLE OUT of Wuhan all over the world TO SPREAD IT.

Folks, extreme times call for extreme measures. This is what MUST be done about China:

1) Formally declare China an Enemy of State
2) Deport EVERY Chinese National including students
*3) Give every member of congress, EVERY political office holder and political appointee 2 weeks to report their Chinese entanglements to the new, China Task Force
*4) EVERY Corporation, business given 30 days to SEVER ALL relationships with China
5) China FORBIDDEN to own ANYTHING in America
6) A lawsuit be immediately brought for $30 Trillion in damages arising from their bioweapon, COVID
7) Every foreign nation encouraged to take these SAME STEPS incl lawsuits. This would go a long way neutralizing China’s Predatory Loans to nations

Step #1 is essential in order to institute each of the following steps.

*Or face FULL charges of Treason

Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
1 year ago

Greed is what drives them.

1 year ago

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Last edited 1 year ago by caxegob702
1 year ago

Why are these Morons playing around with Mother Nature? This is Biological Warfare plain and simple. Anyone doing this is a threat to the Human Race and should be dealt with accordingly. Why hasn’t Fauci and Friends been tried for genocide and crimes against humanity, then hanged. Frauci paid for research in Wuhan is responsible for the deaths of over 6 Million People. That’s Nazi German level stuff. Fauci was doing this kind of stuff in Ukraine Labs and we wonder why Russia went in and took them over. Incredible!

Last edited 1 year ago by GuvGeek