SCOTUS blocks House from grand jury material they hope to use to impeach Trump


Rep. Jerrold Nadler, Chair, House Judiciary Committee

The U.S. Supreme Court Wednesday blocked a House committee from receiving grand jury material gathered by Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigators, issuing a stay while a legal dispute over the records is on appeal, NBC News reports.

The House Judiciary Committee said it needed the material now because it has been investigating President Donald Trump and its work “did not cease with the conclusion of the impeachment trial.”

In other words, they’re in a hurry to impeach him but they don’t have a case. They’re fishing around for one.

In a brief order, the court gave the government until June 1 to file its formal appeal in the case. If no appeal is filed by then, the stay will dissolve.

The House Democrats want all redacted material unredacted.

The proceedings of a federal grand jury are secret, including its findings and any materials generated during its investigations. But there are some exceptions. Courts are allowed to authorize disclosure when they find the material would be used “preliminary to or in connection with a judicial proceeding.”

When these grand juries met, people were promised secrecy and that is an overriding concern for many. Personally, I don’t like the idea of a secret grand jury with the target not allowed to defend him or herself, but it’s the rule and promises were made.

Two lower courts ruled that the Judiciary Committee is covered by that exception, reasoning that a House impeachment is preliminary to a Senate trial, which is a judicial proceeding. A federal appeals court ordered the government to hand the materials over by May 11, but the Supreme Court issued a temporary hold to allow time for both sides to submit legal briefs.

The Justice Department said the exceptions to grand jury secrecy rules don’t apply. “The ordinary meaning of ‘judicial proceeding’ is a proceeding before a court, not an impeachment trial before elected legislators.”

The House Dems are engaged in a strictly political fishing expedition, but they can use the slimmest of excuses to proceed. They’re evil. If they can do this to the president, they can do it to anyone.

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Bill Hafner
Bill Hafner
3 years ago

Use the time that Trump is buying us wisely. Eventually these CCP agent traitor POS RATS will have their revenge on the deplorable kulak untermenschen.
The hatred of DJT and the Traditional Americans drips off of these seditious coup plotters.
What a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

3 years ago

If congress want’s to go on a fishing expedition they can use Pelosi’s husband fishing trawlers at their own expense. Congress has wasted an unprecedented and obscene amount of American taxpayers time, money, and patience on their Malarkey, Skulduggery and BS lies based on Avarice, Hate and gross Ineptitude. It’s the American Taxpayer that should demand to have everyone of them investigated for malice of forethought to commit fraud, high crimes and misdemeanors, and treason; In forming a coup to over-though a duly elected president; Based on a felonious document that the DNC and Hillary Clinton paid to a foreign entity while colluding with the FBI and government plants from the Obama administration. BRING DOWN THE DNC HOUSE OF CORRUPTION.

Thomas Morgan
Thomas Morgan
3 years ago

Come on folks, it’s time to rid of Nadler, Schitt, Pelosi and Waters. They weren’t elected to continuously look for ways to impeach the President. These people are useless.