SCOTUS Hears Arguments for Removing DJT from CO Ballot


Colorado decided to remove Donald Trump from the ballot for inciting an insurrection even though biased special counsel Jack Smith couldn’t figure out how to charge him with insurrection. The Supreme Court heard the case today, and it doesn’t sound like they will allow them to remove the former president from the ballot.

Colorado’s Supreme Court is trying to get Donald Trump removed for committing a crime he has not been charged with committing and didn’t commit.

The stupid communist chanters were out to add to the clown world atmosphere as the Left reaches new heights of befogged reasoning.

The obvious is that Trump has not been charged with insurrection. One has to wonder if Jack Smith will now charge Mr. Trump with insurrection.

Justice Altio hit them with an example they couldn’t address.

Even Justice Kagan wonders why one state should get to pick the president.

Donald Trump accused Democrats of the weaponization of government and influencing the election.

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17 days ago

The lawyer for Colorado stated if they lost the Demorats if they held the Senate and House would not recognize the will of the American people if they elected Trump. No problem as that is treason. They should all be excited for treason by attempting to overthrow the duly elected government of the USA.