Screaming matches between US & UK commanders over US-Taliban deal


Reporter Alex Tiffen reports that there is serious friction between the US and UK commanders. The American commanders won’t go out to find Americans and the Brits are going it alone, into Kabul looking for UK nationals and other foreigners.

The Brits also feel the Americans are treating the Afghans poorly.

Mr. Tiffen states that his “sources are Diplomats, soldiers & intelligence officials on the ground at Kabul Airport as well as from Whitehall. Everything I post is corroborated via 2 separate sources. If I cannot confirm, I won’t post. Some things I won’t post due to operational security.”


The Russell Review, edited by a former Capitol Hill employee, claims that there are very bad feelings building between the UK commanders and the commander of the 82nd Airborne. The US won’t leave the airport because they made a deal with the Taliban while the UK is sending out patrols and grabbing Irish, British, and other nationals from safe houses in Kabul. They want the US to do the same.

What kind of deal did the US make with the Taliban? Are they going to give them pallets of cash and gold?

The US soldiers want to go out and search for stranded Americans and are unhappy that they are being held back.

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