US to Send Long-Range Patriot Missile Defense System to Ukraine


The US plans to send its most advanced ground-based air missile system to Ukraine – the Patriot missiles. Since they can hit Russia, Russia will see it as a massive escalation.

The Patriot is a long-range air defense missile system. The radar detects fighters at a range of 110-130 km, bombers at a range of 160-190 km, missiles at a range of 85-100 km, warhead of missile at a range of 60-70 km. The Patriot can also receive firing data from the higher level command posts or airborne early warning aircraft, such as E-3 Sentry. During operation the radar unit, as well as the launchers are unmanned. The only manned element is the battery command post vehicle.

While it is used in defense, it can hit Russia. The US is possibly sending NATO support personnel with the systems. It will take six to eight weeks to train Ukrainians in their use.

It might come as early as this week. Biden, who is suffering from dementia, will make the decision.

Russia considers them “legitimate targets” and considers this an act of war. They’re going to shoot them down.

Ned Price, one of many unimpressive State Department spokespersons, said the US would continue to prioritize sending air defense systems to help “our Ukrainian partners defend themselves from the brutal Russian aggression that we’ve seen for the better part of a year now.”

Will they end up on the black market? Hopefully not.

Ukrainians recently sent missiles into Poland in an effort to draw NATO into the war.

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