Seattle erupts in riots, no doubt Mayor Jenny will be right on this


Seattle is erupting again. Antifa and Black Lives Matter are back to committing crimes. Mayor Jenny will be right on it — that’s sarcasm.


At least two people were arrested in Seattle and a police officer is in the hospital Sunday after a march through downtown devolved into property damage and looting, police say.

So-called demonstrators had broken out several windows of the East Precinct, then threw a device into the lobby that ignited a small fire.

The fire was put out and no one was hurt in that incident.

The demonstration started between 2 and 3 p.m. crowds began blocking an intersection.

Seattle journalist Katie Daviscourt tweeted a video of a crowd of people outside an Amazon Go building. Several people were seen spray-painting the building while others tried to smash the windows.

“Antifa Militants and Black Lives Matter rioters are breaking into Amazon Go Downtown Seattle,” Daviscourt tweeted. “This protest has turned into a riot.”

Police said demonstrators had thrown rocks, bottles, and other items at officers and at least one officer had been transported to the hospital.

No problem, this genius wants to fire cops for being white:

They’re eating their own again. The rioters are damaging Amazon, Starbucks, and other businesses run by Democrats.


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