This is why Speaker Nancy Pelosi is backing the hard left


Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul have endorsed Rep. Ilhan Omar, who is both anti-American and anti-Semitic. Omar likely married her brother in an immigration scheme and she continues to funnel large amounts of money to her husband’s firm.

When China attacked President Trump, after the Chinese lied about the virus, Democrats led by Pelosi strongly backed the Communist Chinese Party propaganda.

Democrat leadership in the House, under Nancy Pelosi, wrote a letter to the Prime Minister of Israel questioning their right to ancient Jewish lands. They don’t write to the Palestinians.

The Speaker has been railing against the President and the US Marshalls who are arresting violent communists rioting in Portland. The riots take place in blue cities, and Democrats strongly back them.

There is a reason for this, it is the Jacobin era in the United States, in real-time. The American Revolution was fought for liberty and equality, the French Revolution was quite different.


Speaker Pelosi’s stand shouldn’t surprise anyone.

She once gave a speech on the floor of Congress honoring Harry Bridges, the head of the longshoreman’s union. He was a hardcore Marxist, a Soviet in fact. He was her favorite Stalinist and he was one of Frank Marshall Davis’s heroes. Davis is the one who mentored Barack Obama.

Pelosi’s closest colleague in the House, and the Burton brothers, John and Phil, California politicians, manned the party’s left fringe, bringing the party far-left. She came from an area of the country which houses our furthest left politicians — the San Francisco Bay Area.

Then There Was Harry

While most unions of the day were anti-communist, the Bay Area unions took a different track.

The International Longshoremen’s and Warehousemen’s Union (ILWU), which controlled the docks of San Francisco, were communist-run. Devoted communist Harry Bridges was their guiding force.

Bridges was not only in the Communist party but a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party USA. Documents show he was directly approved by the Kremlin for the position. Publicly, he denied it.

He had devoted his life to the service of the Soviet Union and its ruler, Joseph Stalin, one of the three greatest mass murderers of all time. (Hitler and Mao Zedong are the other two.) Stalin killed 30 million people more or less.

Like Ronald Reagan, Bridges believed the world was menaced by an evil empire, but to him, the evil was the United States. The influence of Harry Bridges and his ILWU was what pulled the Bay Area Democratic Party so far to the left.

Bridges and his union, more than any college professor, pulled the Democratic Party in the San Francisco Bay Area far to the left.


Nancy Pelosi was his ardent admirer. In 2001, she took to the pages of the Congressional Record to effuse love for him on the hundredth anniversary of Harry Bridges’s birth. It was an occasion celebrated only by the most extreme leftists.

“Harry Bridges [was] arguably the most significant labor leader of the twentieth century,” who was “beloved by the workers of this Nation, and recognized as one of the most important labor leaders in the world.” She added: “The International Longshoremen’s and Warehousemen’s Union [was] the most progressive union of the time.” In other words, this Communist-run union was more admirable than all of the anti-Communist unions.

Nor was this just a single moment. As recently as February 2007, she visited ILWU headquarters to deliver homage. “It is very special to me, any occasion that I can come to the ILWU hall and acknowledge the leadership of this great union. . . .”

Speaker Pelosi supports the hard left because she is the hard left.



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