Secretary Pompeo Kicks NPR Off His Plane After Nasty Interview


The State Department booted NPR reporter Michele Kelemen off Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s airplane for a trip to London, England and Kiev, Ukraine.

This comes days after another NPR blogger, Mary Louise Kelly, accused Pompeo of cursing at her in a post-interview. She didn’t present evidence but the Secretary hasn’t denied cursing.

The Secretary had asked to meet with her after she gave a very nasty, aggressive interview, asking questions that Pompeo said she agreed to not ask. He was apparently mistaken about the latter.

Kelly is the same blogger who recently gave a softball interview to the head of terrorism in Iran, foreign minister Javad Zarif.

As an aside, Kelly couldn’t locate Ukraine on a map, and she said it was because the countries weren’t labeled.


As expected, many in the left-wing mainstream media sided with NPR and accused Pompeo of “retaliating against” NPR.

In a statement, AFP writer Shaun Tandon — the president of the State Department Correspondents’ Association — concluded without evidence that it was retaliation.

“We can only conclude that the State Department is retaliating against National Public Radio as a result of this exchange.”

“The State Department press corps has a long tradition of accompanying Secretaries of State on their travels, and we find it unacceptable to punish an individual member of our association.”

Others in the media agreed but they were so committed to the principle that not a soul gave up their opportunity to ride with the Secretary. Is it possible they know NPR owes Mike Pompeo an apology for the nasty interview?

He’s not going to take it anymore? Neither are we.

NPR is politically left to far-left and I don’t know about the readers here, but I’m sick of paying for their ‘news.’

We agree with Mark Levin:

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