Security expert describes possible Chavez-style fraud — in the USA! Update!


Update: Since this broadcast, a catastrophic error by Mr. Ramsland was found. One of the affidavits he assigned to Michigan was of Minnesota. It not only didn’t prove fraud against Michigan, it didn’t prove fraud against Minnesota either.

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs interviewed a guest on his show Tuesday who had sounded the alarm about voting machines just days before the election.

On November 17, a video was posted of an interview with election security expert Russ Ramsland, co-owner of the Allied Security Operations Group.


Ramsland again warned about the potential for fraud involving machines used in elections across the nation. He explained a former investigation his company conducted in 2019, as they uncovered major proof of the ability of machines to change electronic votes.

“The software is so bad you can easily change the audit trail so you cannot even go back and find out the votes that were changed,” Ramsland warned less than a week prior to Election Day.

Speaking with Dobbs on Tuesday, Ramsland doubled down.

Ramsland said there are 3,000 precincts in Michigan where the presidential votes cast, compared to the number of estimated voters, is 99% all the way up to 300%.

“Those kind of numbers don’t exist in the real world,” he declared.  Ramsland said they’ve looked at how long it took to cast those votes, where they were cast, and the equipment that exists at those locations, based on serial numbers.

“We can’t see any physical way possible for those votes to have been in those kind of numbers, because they don’t have the kind of equipment that could even produce those numbers,” Ramsland alleged.

This is an October 29th interview which stunningly matches the reality of today!

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