Wayne County GOP canvassers rescind election certification – evil loses


The Wayne County, Michigan Republican canvassers, rescinded their votes certifying the presidential election after first rescinding, then certifying hours later (affidavit via conservativetreehouse). They certified after the two Democrat members, one of the Black Lives Matter movement, called them racists and doxxed the children of one.

At the time, people on the zoom call they were on were insulting them and making some threatening comments. Democrats are even going after one canvasser’s seat on an education board, claiming she’s biased.

Wayne County Board of Canvassers Chairperson Monica Palmer and board member William Hartmann signed affidavits on November 18, testifying that they voted to certify the election results. They say they only did so because they were promised a full audit of the election would address their concerns. After that, they learned a full audit would not take place, and they rescinded their votes.

“Vice-Chairman Jonathan Kinloch gave me assurances that voting for the certification of the November election would result in a full, independent audit of Detroit’s unbalanced precincts,” Palmer wrote, according to an affidavit obtained by Just The News. “I relied on that assurance and voted to certify the election based on that assurance.

“Later that evening, I was sent statements that Secretary Jocelyn Benson made saying that she did not view our audit resolution to be binding,” Palmer continued. “As a result of these facts, I rescind my prior vote to certify Wayne County elections.”

Before the vote on Tuesday, Hartmann determined that 71 percent of Wayne County’s Absent Voter County Boards were not balanced without any explanation.

“I was enticed to agree to certify based on a promise that the full and independent audit would take place,” Hartmann wrote in an affidavit obtained by Just The News. “Until these questions are addressed, I remain opposed to certification of Wayne County results.”

Hartmann is concerned about many unresolved issues, including private money paid to poll workers.

“I am also concerned about the use of private monies directing local officials regarding the management of the elections, how those funds were used, and whether such funds were used to pay election workers. I have not received answers to these questions, and I believe the people of Michigan deserve these answers,” he wrote.

Both Hartmann and Palmer say they were berated and accused of racism after they voted against certifying the results. Palmer said that the abuse went so far as to have “threatened me and members of my family.

When the canvassers first refused, Governor Whitmer smiled smugly, stating that the state board would certify.

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, a Democrat, had called the discrepancies in Wayne County “bookkeeping errors” on Nov. 18 and hailed the Republican’s initial decision to certify the results after they were holding back as the right thing to do.


This is one of the evildoers who attacked the two canvassers as racists WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE:


Wayne County, which takes in Detroit, is one of four cities where Joe Biden wildly outperformed Hillary Clinton in 2016. According to Richard Baris of Daily Data Poll, he did not outdo her in any other city.

Biden outperformed Hillary in these numbers? Really? And nowhere else, just these corrupt Democrat cities?


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