Seems Like Everything About Dominion Voting Systems Is Concerning


Fox News decided to take Tucker Carlson off the air, even as they paid off Dominion Voting Systems to the tune of nearly 800 million dollars. Dominion is only worth $70 million and claimed they will go bankrupt because of Fox. Why did Fox settle for an ungodly sum and then fire Tucker?

After reading the recently unredacted Halderman report on the “multiple severe security issues” in the Dominion Voting Systems, it seems everything about these machines is crooked, from the USB access to internet interfaces to possibilities of external manipulations by forcing ballots to be rejected for manual verification, not to mention the routing of results from the machine centers to China, German, and Italy, whence they made their way back to US television “election centers.”

Dominion, which has since been bought and sold, got its start in Venezuela, allegedly rigging elections.

Why is voting machine software proprietary? If all they do is count marks on ballots fed into them, that’s very simple and straightforward programming. “If A=1, add 1 to Biden; if not, check B. If B=1, add 1 to Trump; if not, go to the next ballot.

Dominion says they can’t fix the multiple severe security issues until 2025.

Why Fox gave $800 million to them in a settlement is a mystery. They paid off Dominion to continue plaguing the 2024 election. Why?

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