Sen Blumenthal threatens GOP if Amy Coney Barrett is nominated


First off, Happy Amy Coney Barrett Day! She will be confirmed tonight, and Justice Thomas will deliver the oath!

Secondly, Senator Blumenthal is threatening the GOP if she is appointed.

He issued a vague threat to his Republican colleagues Monday afternoon. He said there would be “consequences” if Congress confirms Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

“The fact is that our Republican colleagues are shattering the norms and breaking the rules and breaking their word, and there will be consequences,” Blumenthal said early in his remarks. “There inevitably are consequences when one person breaks his or her word to another.”

That isn’t true. They are following the Constitution exactly.

“Nothing less than everything is at stake. A shift in the balance of the court that will last for decades if we do not correct it – and believe me, there are appropriate measures that should be considered,” Blumenthal said.

“I fight for the Supreme Court’s legitimacy. I revere the Supreme Court, having argued before it, having clerked on it. Its legitimacy depends on faith and trust. We must act to restore the credibility and legitimacy of the court, which has been so gravely imperiled,” he added.

It’s a bizarre argument, but Democrats are running with it. Joe Biden all but admitted he would stack the court as punishment. That, too, is not honest since they threatened to stack the court during the primary.

In this tweet from mid-October, he seemed to suggest his peeps should protest/riot if Amy Coney Barrett is nominated.

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