Twitter puts up warnings, YouTube kills search of direct Biden quotes


CNN brings us encouraging news from Pennsylvania. A CNN reporter said that most of the people she talked with are voting for Trump, and fracking is why.

But that’s not the story. The cover-up of Joe’s direct quotes on fracking are the story.

“They will not survive if fracking does not exist,” say Pennsylvanians:

The cover-up

It seems that if a writer or publisher tells the truth by posting direct quotes of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris actually promising to end fracking, Twitter will post a warning on it, and youtube will kill the search.

The truth is that Joe has said he will ban fracking. Eliminating fossil fuels is in his written plan on his website. But the media and youtube are covering up his commitment to eliminate it.


Twitter puts warnings on actual unedited quotes by Joe Biden promising to end fracking, says President Trump:

Social media and media want to put their spin on his quotes to twist reality. He will end fracking.

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