Sen Cotton believes China deliberately let the virus spread throughout the world


Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) appeared with Maria Bartiromo this morning on Sunday Morning Futures.  During the interview, Cotton said he believes China made a conscious decision to let the Chinese people travel throughout the world [while not letting them travel within the country]. He feels they decided if they weren’t going to prosper over the illness, neither was anyone else.


“I believe the Chinese Communist leaders, when they were aware of those facts by mid-January, made the conscious decision not to explain to the world that it [the coronavirus] was transmissible between humans, not to shut down travel, not to ask for American or other kind international scientific help, but to allow this virus to escape its borders,” Cotton said.

“Because if they were going to suffer an economic contraction, they were not going to allow the world to prosper and China be the only country whose economy was declining.”

Well, they didn’t stop it, did they?

The Chinese Communists knew the virus would spread rapidly and cause economic contraction, yet they kept it quiet and lied about it through mid-January.

Senator Cotton also believes China wants to use COVID-19 vaccine research stolen from the U.S. “as leverage against the rest of the world.” That’s also not fantastical.

“I have little doubt that the Chinese intelligence services are actively trying to steal America’s intellectual property as it relates to the virus that they unleashed on the world, because, of course, they want to be the country that claims credit for finding those drugs or finding a vaccine, and then use it as leverage against the rest of the world,” Cotton told Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures.

China said they want to be the drugstore of the world. They are already in our medical supply chain on most key drugs.



He said there are active cases of property theft by China in every state. This is similar to suggestions made by Attorney General Bill Barr although he was never as specific and refused to define his concerns.

“It’s a scandal to me that we have trained so many of the Chinese Communist Party’s brightest minds to go back to China to compete for our jobs, to take our business, and ultimately to steal our property and design weapons and other devices that can be used against the American people,” Cotton said in reply to Bartiromo.

“So, I think we need to take a very hard look at the visas that we give the Chinese nationals to come to the United States to study, especially at the post-graduate level in advanced scientific and technological fields. You know, if Chinese students want to come here and study Shakespeare and the Federalist Papers, that’s what they need to learn from America. They don’t need to learn quantum computing and artificial intelligence from America.”

The left in this country is predictably attacking Tom Cotton as a racist. They are also calling him a conspiracy theorist for saying he thinks the virus started by accident in one of two labs, which is actually a very reasonable possibility.


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