Sen. Cruz agreed to argue the PA case before SCOTUS if they hear it


If the Supreme Court takes up the Pennsylvania election case from Congressman Mike Kelly and Sean Parnell, Senator Ted Cruz has agreed to argue the case before the high court. Senator Cruz has argued cases before the court in the past.

Constitutional lawyer Mark Levin explained the Pennsylvania case on his show this past Sunday (Twitter disagrees):

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Yin and Yang
Yin and Yang
2 years ago

You know its reached a low level when people are counting on SCOTUS.
I’m sure that they will do what is best for the republic and not what the GLOBAL deep state orders them to do.
The fanatical leftists wouldn’t react in an insane matter if they got Trump another term…oh wait.
I have some oceanfront property for sale in Arizona and a nice bridge in Brooklyn listed on Craigslist for one dollar.