Sen Cruz: “Most radical, most dangerous legislation”


Senator Ted Cruz hit Democrats hard during the hearing on S1 today, reminding them that it was Democrats who passed and enforced the racist, segregationist Jim Crow laws in the South. He said Democrats are now bringing back Jim Crow again with this new election legislation that would eliminate state election laws and give that authority to the federal government.

It does much worse than that.

The bill is the companion bill to HR 1 and it will destroy the Republic and our vote if passed. It’s a power grab. Democrats are lying about it.




  1. As is predominantly the case, Ted Cruz is 100% correct. Unfortunately, the rules of the Senate require his being polite in admonishing the Democrat Party members and calling them what they actually are…anti-American, treasonous, scumbag, professional politicians with the single ultimate goal of attaining power over the people in perpetuity. I agree with every word he said in this speech and wish he had the right to disobey the Senate Rules in castigating sphincters like Chuck Schumer.

  2. Cruz is not a person I look to for any leadership. For him to say Trump was reckless to claim the election was stolen, and now try to play the champion of fair elections, shows his hypocrisy. He and the other republican cowards in the senate set the stage for a complete leftist takeover of congress.

    Did I miss it, did this supposed constitutional expert say one time this bill is not Constitutional? Shouldn’t that be an important part of his argument? Did I miss him mentioning that the possible lack of a filibuster will certainly cause this bill to pass? Isn’t that another important factor he omitted?

    I see his performance as theatrics.

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