Sen. Cruz Tells People to Vote for the Democrat in Illinois


You won’t believe this story. An actual Nazi says he “snookered” the GOP and sneaked into the nomination in Illinois’ 3rd congressional.

Politico posted a story earlier about the Nazi candidate in Illinois /- Arthur Jones. He is a Holocaust DENIER and an avowed Nazi. His views of people are disgusting and he’s a Socialist. You can’t be a Republican if those are your views. Rep. McSweeney agrees.

“First, it’s morally wrong and I think it’s really harmful to the party. The guy’s a complete nutcase. He’s a Nazi,” said conservative GOP state Rep. David McSweeney. “This is an absolute political disaster.”

Republicans really messed up. They didn’t try to run anyone against him as a third party candidate and they had failed to recruit someone to primary him. Now he’s the candidate. He has to go down. The GOP has to do what they can to make sure he goes down. They need to do what Senator Ted Cruz just did in calling him out.

He tweeted: “This is horrific. An avowed Nazi running for Congress. To the good people of Illinois, you have two reasonable choices: write in another candidate, or vote for the Democrat. This bigoted fool should receive ZERO votes.”


Every Republican needs to do the same. This man cannot be allowed to win any votes.

By the way, Jones is ecstatic about having no competition and tricking the GOP.

Jones, who told Politico he’s running to counter a “two-party, Jew-party, queer-party system,” laughed when he was informed the GOP was unable to put up a candidate against him.

“They didn’t put up a third-party candidate?” Jones asked when reached by phone Thursday. “That’s great! That’s fantastic!

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