Sen. Dianne Feinstein Will Be Investigated in the Kavanaugh Affair


Republicans are finally putting Democrats on the defensive in the case of Brett Kavanaugh. Sen. Feinstein will be investigated in the unauthorized leak of Mrs. Ford’s secret letter. There is also the question of whether Mrs. Ford’s lawyers failed to notify her that the Senate committee was willing to fly to her. Mrs. Ford said she wasn’t informed.

Republicans are taking the approach that Ms. Blasey Ford told the truth. That causes problems for her lawyers and for Dianne Feinstein.


Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton appeared Sunday on CBS’ “Face The Nation” and took Feinstein to task for how she used Ford.

“The Democrats have disgraced this process and the United States Senate in the orchestrated smear campaign of character assassination they’ve run against Judge Kavanaugh,” Cotton said.

“She has been victimized by the Democrats in this process,” he added. “They betrayed her own requests for confidentiality. They leaked this to the media at the last minute because they are on a search-and-destroy mission for Brett Kavanaugh.”

“(Democratic leaders) have betrayed her,” Cotton said.

“Dianne Feinstein and her staff is going to face an investigation for why they leaked (Ford’s confidential letter alleging Kavanaugh assaulted her),” Cotton said. “She came forward confidentially to Dianne Feinstein. Dianne Feinstein did not share that with the proper authorities.”

While they are at it, they need to investigate her Chinese spy.


Sen. Cotton said that he found Ms. Blasey Ford was “sympathetic” and “sincere.” That is a reasonable observation but she isn’t credible. She doesn’t know where or when the event happened, and the witnesses she named know nothing of the party. She gave several misstatements during the testimony.

There is also the issue of her making hundreds of thousands of dollars off the GoFundMe pages. She is profiting off this testimony.

The Republicans are taking the approach that she told the truth about not knowing the committee would go to California to speak with her. As a result her lawyers will be referred to the Bar. The attorneys will either have to say she lied or that they acted inappropriately.

The other point is that Ms. Blasey said she wanted the letter kept confidential.

It’s more than likely Mrs. Ford knew the letter was going to be released. That’s why she took a lie detector test and hired a lawyer in April. The entire narrative that she wanted it kept confidential is going to be blown wide open if they can find out who leaked it during the investigation of Feinstein.

As an aside, there is also an issue of whether or not she is licensed as a psychologist. It’s become an issue on right-wing blogs. She has earned a PhD. in educational psychology for the University of Southern California. Mrs. Ford cannot be licensed to provide therapy. She could be a school psychologist with that degree. It’s a lesser degree than a clinical psychologist and it’s not anywhere near as prestigious. She’s not a doctor.


Credible Mrs. Blasey Ford Wasn’t Honest About Her Qualifications


  1. This ho knows how to do a DC poll dance. Most Pole Dancers don’t approach life time earnings in her neighborhood much less 1 months work dancing around in front of the lamestream and dhimmicrats.

  2. It is very unlikely that there will be any serious investigation of Feinstein or the lawyers, if any investigations at all. The DOJ and the DC bar are allied against Trump. Conservatives continually look for false hope. The DOJ and the senate have already failed us.

  3. ALL

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but that last round of Kavanaugh hearings with Dr. Ford was the most disgusting display of a questioning circus I have ever seen, and I’m in my mid-seventies. These Democratic Senators that insulted and badgered Judge Kavanaugh sounded more like Marxists conducting an enemy interrogation mixed with inuendo for high crimes instead of the U.S. Senate confirmation enquiry. Are these the kind of people that we want running the country ?

    I have a question for you moms out there with sons – HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF THIS WAS HAPPENING TO YOUR SON ?

    Anybody ever check out who this person Dr. Ford is (Progressive operative), and who she is related to (Peter Strzok), and what organizations she belongs to (hint: supported by GEORGE SOROS). If these people get away with this hi-jacking of the Senate confirmation process for SCOTUS, we are finished as a nation. We NEED more Republican Senators so,


    In the meantime, if you want Kavanaugh confirmed to the Supreme Court, let’s take a page out of the Democratic playbook.

    Here are the names and contact information of the Democratic Senators that are up for re-election to the Senate THAT ARE WEAK.

    We need to contact these Senators and apply pressure for a confirmation YES vote for Kavanaugh to the SCOTUS. Especially those people from these states need to mobilize

    Bill Nelson (D) – Florida – (202) 224-5274

    Joe Donnelly (D) – Indiana – (202) 224-4814

    Claire McCaskill (D) – Missouri – (202) 224-6154

    Jon Tester (D) – Montana – (202) 224-2644

    Heidi Heitkamp ( D) – North Dakota – (202) 224-2043

    Joe Manchin (D) – West Virginia – (202) 224-3954

    These are also the (D) seats in the senate that could be flipped to (R) seats because they are weak. Here is the contact information list for all U.S. Senators

  4. let’s make an example of this corrupt lying POS. If the GOP has any courage, they will see this investigation to the end and see her thrown out of the senate and put into jail.

  5. The femocrats have a pattern of bottom feeding and suddenly locating a woman from decades in the past that creep out of the woodwork with “starling revelations”. It’s horrible enough what they are trying to do to hetero white boys and men, but what they do mentally unstable women is worse than awful.

  6. Go for it.

    These women are in mortal danger.

    The delay of the Senate vote on the Kavanaugh confirmation is to give the enemy the chance to suicide one or more of the accusers and blame Kavanaugh and his nomination, and thereby turn the Senate vote to no in an agony of guilt feelings and remorse.

    The accusers need to be guarded carefully. The enemy has used their mental and emotional weaknesses to get them to adopt wild accusations. They probably believe them. Now the enemy plans to set them up for one or more fake suicides, which the enemy will blame on Kavanaugh and his nomination, to prevent confirmation. This has been their goal all along, not the representation of the accusers. The communists kill for political purposes. It’s their M.O.

    Whatever one might think of these accusers, we don’t want to find any of them hanging from a doorknob or flung from a high place such as a high-rise or bridge. They might injury people or pets below, cause property damage and extensive clean-up expenses, or pollute San Francisco Bay.

  7. I’d really like to see that Dianne Feinstein be investigated for years back and all about the leak and then withholding so long as she did before getting everyone together thinking that all can be carried out after November voting.

    • We ALL hope the Liberals keep up their hate for our President Trump…

      This will certainly solidify their Blue Wave in November, but it will be a blue wave of their tears as they cry all night from a loss at the polls the MSM promised they would win, again.

      POOOOOF !

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