Sen Feinstein wants to send millions in tax $$$ to the Ayatollah


As the West struggles under the burden of the coronavirus and increasing debt, Senator Dianne Feinstein wants to send millions to Iran to help them deal with the virus. Iran was hit hard by the virus, but they are allies of China, North Korea, and Russia, as well as some other bad players. China caused the problem, so why don’t they help them?

Also, what are the chances the Mullahs will use this money for anything but terrorism?


Senator Ted Cruz slammed her. “The Ayatollah leads chants of “death to America.” He pledges to destroy America, which he calls “the Great Satan.” And Senate Dems want to send him millions??? At the EXACT SAME TIME, Senate Dems are blocking desperately need relief to small businesses in America,” he tweeted.

How does this request strike you?

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George Taylor
George Taylor
3 years ago

This is the same America hater that passed a city law outlawing guns while mayor of S.F. The state Supreme Court OVER RULED her. She is a NAZI!

Thomas Morgan
Thomas Morgan
3 years ago

I hope and pray she loses the next election. She is senile and as useless as they come. The California women have poor districts while they live like queens, It’s time to rid of her, Pelosi and Waters.

herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Anti-America to the core, and evil, not unusual for her, who has been pro-China for decades.